Travel Itinerary

Cannes | Nice

The Salish Sea

The White Mountains

New England

Sep 3-20, 2020

Green Mountain National Forest (Vermont), Portland ME, Bangor ME, Acadia National Park

Northern Virginia

Aug 30-31, 2019

Fredericksburg Battlefield, Wilderness Battlefield, Chancellorsville Battlefield, Shenandoah National Park, Monticello

Fort Lauderdale

Feb 1 2019: Spoke to Entrepreneurs.

Barbecue at Tom Jenkins.

Zagreb (Croatia)

Oct 5-15 2018: Croatian Independence Day. Truffle hunting with dogs.


May 25-28, 2018

Kayaking, The Old Belfort Schoolhouse

SF Bay Area

Dec 19-29 2017 Silicon Valley.

Hiked Redwoods

Southern Mass & Providence RI

Sep 2-4 2017


July 23-26 2019 Delivered Sales Training
Aug 14-17 2017 Ground Assessment.


July 24-30 2017
Dec 28-Jan3 2014

Montreal Comedy Festival (JFL). Smoked meat.

Salt Lake City

June 26-29 2017 Attended Conference.

Long Island (North Shore)

April 22 2017

Film: Their Finest

Connecticut (Greenwich / Stamford)

May 6 2017

Dinner at Noir


March 11-16 2017 Conferences.

Comedy Festival @ SXSW Interactive. Best concentration of NYC comedians in one place at one time. Dinner at G’Raj Mahal. Bought something at Bykowski and South Congress Books.

Florence, Venice, Milan

Dec 21 2016

Christmas and New Year’s in Florence, with trips to Sienna, Venice, and Milan. Discussed it in Forbes in December and January. Art, food, cobbled streets. Briefcase, duffel, shoes from Ben Heart, belts from Scuola del Cuoio.

Coastal Maine

Nov 9 2016

Inns in Salem (Peabody Essex Museum), Kennebunkport (dinner at White Barn), Portland.


Sep 2 2016

Blueberry pie at Locally Grown Gardens. Music, beer at The Jazz Kitchen

Denver & Boulder

June 18 2016 - 5-course dinner tribute to Thelonius Monk at Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club (pairs each course with the music set), cigars at Churchill's. Biked the city. Also Rioja.

June 19-21 2017 - Denver - Spoke to Entrepreneurs

LA, Santa Monica

April 15 2016 Business Summit.

Lone Wolf Cigar Company. Made a movie.

Grand Tetons

Jan 27 2016

Wildlife Spotting
National Elk Refuge by Sleigh
Hotel Jackson


Jan 3 2016

New suit and sport coat at Tom's Place. Kensington Market. Leatherworker put a zipper on my jacket. Smoked meat at Caplansky's. Dinners at Vertical and Lee Chen. Lunch at Cluny. Theatre Production: Kim's Convenience. 


May 19 2016

June 6 2015

Feb 14 2015 (enjoying Winter Storm Neptune)

Aug 29 2014

DC & Baltimore

March 22-25 Spoke to Entrepreneurs, Rockville MD (DC Metro)
June 13 2015 Congress, Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial. Hats in the Belfry in Baltimore. Fitness-based hotel (the Even in Bethesda).


May 31 2015

June 2 2014

Berkshire International Film Festival


March 16, 2015 Spoke to businesses and entrepreneurs at SXSW.

Evenings at Comedy Festival and Film Festival. Indian food daily at G’Raj Mahal.


December 2014 Why go North in the Winter? Because other people don’t.

French and Canadian food, maple syrup, cheese, wine. Montreal Comedy Nest. Soup dumplings in Chinatown. Schwartz’s smoked meat and The Main across the street. Annual LOTR marathon.

Portland (OR) & Mount Hood

October 2014 Wedding in Mount Hood.

Hawthorne District. Powells. Mount Hood Organic Farms.

Cape Cod

October 2014

Ocean. Yarmouth, Barnstable, Harwich, Chatham, P-Town. Seafood. Night walks on the beach to greet the tide. Switched to Mac.


June 2014

Narrow, colonial streets. West Philly cafes, coffee shops, gentrification. Italian food. Dodgy night driving in the mountains. Impromptu raft down Delaware River from Barrytown NY (where Catskills meet Pocanos). Breakfast at Hotel Fauchere in Milford PA. 

Los Angeles, Orange County

May 2014

Dec 14 2011

Sep 4 2011

Apr 25 2011

Truck food. Ocean air. Business video and beach walk and talks. Cigars and Hawaiian Beer. Korean food in Garden Grove (incl: green mussels). Strand Beach. Laguna Beach. Good Mexican food. Stellar bookstore. UCB. Biking Manhattan Beach. 


March 2014 Spoke to businesses and entrepreneurs at SXSW.

Attended professional development seminars. Many club shows during the comedy festival.

Puerto Rico

November 2013 Business conference.

Salsa dancing at bars and roadside stands. Tropical hiking in the mountains. Roadside sticky rice in a banana leaf from back of a truck. Night walks on beach. Intercontinental Hotel, San Juan.


Aug 29 2012

Dutch pancakes at Dam Square, Dutch cigars at Leidseplein, home-style Indian food at Rembrandtsplein, fresh mint tea (huge stalks) at Leidseplein. Pedestrian hazards. Overrun w. twids.


August 2012

Inspected ongoing eradication of the historic Wall for the Media Spree. Street art walking tour in Kreuzberg (characters, storyline, and signal communications). Twilight Underground Berlin Tour: enormous underground hydraulic animatronic monster machines at Monster Kabinet, hacker lair, urban exploring - flooded, abandoned mental hospital. Nazi architecture (Kafkaesque) - Luftwaffe Headquarters (now Ministry of Finance). Cigars at Durek in Alexanderplatz or Haupstbahnhoff. Kostriker beer. 


Aug 22 2012

Croissant. Coffee. Produce. Enjoyed French Italians at neighborhood bakery off the Opera. Disliked Monmarte, Latin Quarter, Rue de Rivoli, and Champs Elysse. Liked neighborhood cafes (077 Restaurant and Le Bellerive in Crimee). L’Avenue, next to Dufour on the Avenue de Flandre in Crimee. The Louvre. Homeless who don't panhandle were unsettling. The place of execution was traumatic.Fire in the Minds of Men. LeBon’s The Crowd. Adopted wool hiking socks from Opera for year round urban treks. The French sit forever with one espresso ("One coffee and six cigarettes." they say).


Aug 15 2012

The Gaelic Games - I rooted for Galway (no offense to Cork). Stayed near Croke Park during the Irish hurling semifinals. Nectarines and cherries. Fled the Temple Bar, though loved plume-covered Peterson cigars. Girst pint at Phil Ryan’s, and evening with the Galway men at Oval Bar just off O’Connell Street. 11.5 pints at The Cobblestone pub in Smithfield, where King Street meets Queen Street. Howthe was a bit of a shrug. Liked the little candy shop on O’Connell, the cafes on Dorsett. Enjoyed hearing an Irishman say of American imperialism and manifest destiny, “you evangelist c*nts.” Jameson.


August 2012

English breakfast every day for lunch (2nd Breakfast). Fled touristy Trafalgar, Hyde Park, and London Bridge. Preferred stay in more varied Islington around Caledonian Road at Offord Road. Breakfast at Two Brothers unforgettable. Fruit stands world class. Stables Market. Camden Town a favorite place to eat in the food vendor markets: two dozen nationalities, including Portuguese egg custard. Camden Night Market a favorite evening hangout until eleven when the rampaging twids ruin it. Had Neverwhere in mind a lot. Adopting some idiolect is required (or you'll never get to Leicester or Smithwick).

Greensboro, NC

Aug 14 2011 Attended conference.

Tandoor at 4612 Market was fantastic. Vegetable biryani, kher, masala chai.


April 2011

July 1997

San Francisco

Oct 29 2010 Prospecting.

Hole in the wall places with great menus and low prices. Independent film theatres (like the one in the Castro District). Friendly and open, except for hyper-aggressive panhandlers downtown. Stellar crepes with strawberries, berries and cream at Cozy Cable Car Cafe on Powell, downtown. Martha Brothers coffee was enviably good. El Balazo which had fantastic pico! Mission Pie and We Be Sushi. The BART beats the MUNI. Buffalo Exchange on Valencia in the Mission District is superb. Enjoyed Muddy’s Coffee House. Also a little coffee place with only outdoor seats on Mission Ave in the Mission District – Grand Coffee at 2663 Mission St.

Portland (OR)

Sep 20 2010 Prospecting.

Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout at the Living Room Theater. Daily Stumptown coffee tasting in the Belmont district. Favorite coffee at Anna Bannanas on NW 21st street - serving Alderwood roasted Fabriano coffee (you can get anything made w. that roast or just drink it straight). Also loved Sharif’s Coffee right on the train platform at the Rose Quarter serving Longbottom - just like the Living Room. I had it every day. Paradox Cafe in the Belmont district – “paradox” because they’re a vegan restaurant that serves non-vegan food - chili and cornbread muffin highly recommended. Also enjoyed Two Brothers cafe in Belmont area for Chevapi (Bosnian food), and falafel sliders and mushroom crostini with local beer during Happy Hour at Melt. For street food: pulled pork sandwich with green and yellow tomatoes on fresh-baked bread at the Portland Farmers Market (Mondays 10am-2pm in Pioneer Square location). I want the Korean pulled pork sandwich from Namu’s cart in Hawthorne  next time I’m in the PRP. Idiolect is a must here (It’s wil-LAM-ette, not WILL-a-mette and Couch (street) is uproariously pronounced “Cooch". Zinesters Guide recommended.

Santa Fe

Apr 24 2010 Prospecting

Mar 15 2017 Spoke to Entrepreneurs

New York

Oct 26 2009 Prospecting

June 8 2009 Prospecting


Oct 19 2009 Prospecting

Apr 6 2009 Prospecting

Oct 17 2008 Spoke to Execs and Managers

Hotel Burnham, Andersonville, Chicago Hyatt Regency, Pick Me Up Cafe, Hyatt McCormick, Breakfast at Yolk


Sep 2 2009

West End & Hyatt Regency Vancouver, Spoke to Execs and Managers


Aug 29 2009

Hyatt Regency Dallas, Book Depository, Koreatown


Aug 10 2009

Hyatt Regency Aruba, Lizards, Snorkeling the Wrecks, Spoke to Execs and Managers

Kansas City

June 7 2009

Hyatt Regency Crown Center


June 6 2009

Old Town, Hyatt Regency Wichita


Jan 3 2009

Snorkeling, Hyatt Regency Waikiki, Spoke to Execs and Managers


Oct 12 2008

Grand Hyatt Seattle, Chowder, Spoke to Execs and Managers

Las Vegas

Dec 10 2006 Spoke to Entrepreneurs

Jan 16 2006 Spoke to Entrepreneurs


June 5 2006 Spoke to Entrepreneurs


May 20 2005 Discuss an Opportunity

Phoenix & Albuquerque

July 15 2004 Prospecting