Daniel hosts multiple podcasts in formats that include interview, monologue, and "two guys".

Art is a business, and artists should run it.™
Insightful interviews with artists, collectors, gallerists, and other leading experts on visual art as a business and the business of visual artists. The series employs a highly digestible podcast format to provide an informal business learning course built around each guest's knowledge and experiences. A production of The Clark Hulings Foundation.

Business without the suits.™
For every "organization man", there's an adventurer who lives to performance-tune the machine, break through roadblocks, and leave a mark and a legacy. Here are two guys determined to get (sh)it done.

Contraband for the Soul™
Some stories are like a flask in the pocket—smuggled through life in our boots, held close to the chest, or concealed in some hollowed out hymnal. The most brazen will take them out in public, even if the Temperance League gets upset. These rascal yarns and miscreant tales are "contraband for the soul"™.

On Hold

"Speaking isn't hard. Being a host isn't hard. Channel the audience, and the rest follows. Fear of speaking occurs when we mistake ourselves for the center." — Daniel DiGriz