Korea – Safety first

1994Korea has the world’s highest fatality rate from automobile accidents. So even though the taxi driver may think you’re casting doubt on his driving ability, apologize and buckle in. This is never more true than when you’re riding in the infamous bullet-taxi – a long-distance taxi that goes as fast as the engine will allow.

Personally, I really dig the subway (for getting all over the place quickly and cheaply), the ordinary taxis (for shorter speedier jaunts – the subway is still better to cross a city – no traffic), and the trains. There are two types of train tickets, just like there are two types of buses, sitdown or standup. I’ve done both. For long train rides, sit down – it’s worth it, but sometimes I’d get a stand up ticket; I wanted to be with those who couldn’t afford to sit down. Besides, they were more fun to listen to and chat with.

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