Puerto Rico (Nov 2013)

puerto rico photo
Photo by Wendy Longo photography

Puerto Rico was the tropical environment one might expect. What I enjoyed most though was the salsa dancing. My ballroom training isn’t street salsa, but I still like the formal stuff. Now, though, I’m taking courses in salsa the way you’d find it danced in PR. There was nice hiking in the mountains, too. There again, everyone seemed to be able to salsa. There it’s just dancing that you learn as a kid, like language. At some roadside cafe in the mountains, one of the older men started showing members of our party salsa moves. The roadside food was quite good – something like sticky rice wrapped in a banana leaf (I think) from the back of a truck, and other sweets. The drinks were also nice. As it is, I’m not much of a tropic-hound, but I was there for a business conference, so I focused on night walks on the beach and dancing.