Orange County and Los Angeles again

This time, I had a different take on LA. I really liked the fabric streets near the garment district for their international feel (like Jackson Heights in Queens), and the wholesale stuff in that area (I bought a fashionable gift there for the wife). Little Tokyo was fun, also – I ate Japanese ramen and green tea gellato, and browsed the stores. Both of these areas were small, but I had a good time for a few hours, and could have stayed all day. I spend the better part of a day in Garden Grove’s extensive Koreatown, and loved that. Real Korean coffee shops (I met people who live where my family live in Korea), a Korean shopping mall, big Korean supermarkets, and great food of course (we ate the buffet that you cook at your table – I especially liked the green mussels). Laguna Niguel was great. I liked the beaches (went to Strand Beach), the walking/jogging/bike trails, beachside restaurants along Laguna Beach, and the ocean climate and air. I liked the vibe, too, that you weren’t surrounded by malls or mall-like clothing and fashion stores everywhere, yet there were tons of restaurants and coffee shops and great grocers. In other words, it’s not a shopping district – it’s a district for being healthy and enjoying great food. The supermarkets sell liquor 24/7, so I was able to get Guinness there at night, and the grocers have tons of organic, natural, and healthy foods. The Mexican food was great (I like Mexican, not Tex-Mex). I’ll miss year-round great weather, lots of slim, athletic people constantly staying fit without having to try too hard, and the international comfort level and great food, and especially the beaches and surrounding mountains. I could easily live in Orange County or Los Angeles, but the 2 things that I’d miss are the density and the mass transit you have in NYC.

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