Freely Eat Some Nut Milk?

I got (and love) a super lightweight recipe book called Of These Ye May Freely Eat: A Vegetarian Cookbook by Joann Rachor. It’s exceedingly portable (the recipe book equivalent of the Zinester’s Guide to Portland – and exactly the same size), and it’s got several recipes per page. The three basic kinds of sauces are on one page, for example. The ingredient lists are all sparse (maybe 5 ingredients on the average), the instructions not elaborate (they don’t tell you anything obvious, but don’t treat it like you already know how to cook, either). A recipe can fit on a third of a page by saying put some butter in a pan, intead of take 1/2 teaspoon of butter and spread it around a pan of 1/4″ depth. Ack, how long is this going to take?

I made a pitcher of nut milk today. 1 cup of cashews ($1.25 at CVS), 6 cups water (I used filtered), dash of salt (I used kosher), teaspoon of vanilla (I used real), couple teaspoons of some sweetener (I used turbinado). Hold back 5 cups of the water, blend the rest, add remaining water, blend again, and you’re done. I’m having it over Cheerios. Protein, just like milk, w. no animal products, and it’s delicious. Kind of like brown rice milk, not as thick as organic whole dairy, somewhere between 2% and skim. Cost factor is great, too. I’m sure I can get unsalted cashews for less. Advice: if you use salted cashews, don’t add the dash of additional salt.

Update 11/23/2010: I still like the cookbook. It’s the one cookbook I’d grab if I needed to take only one. But I don’t make cashew milk anymore. It’s too sweet and too thin. I drink whole organic milk or soymilk, and don’t like the thinness of skim for instance. Anyway, I still recommend this cookbook!

Experiment: Cookbook = Success. Nutmilk = Failed.

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