New York (again)

Went all over NYC again – well, lower Manhattan – everything below Central Park. This time went to Queens (Astoria), too, and made another visit to Jersey City.  Wish I’d had time to visit Flushing, but just to see it. If I lived in Queens, it’d be Astoria most likely. Still, like Manhattan far better. What I saw of Brooklyn on the way to the airport last time didn’t impress me. This time, we flew LaGuardia exclusively (next time it’ll be Newark). Jersey City – gosh – I couldn’t bear actually living there unless I was one stop from Manhattan.  The trains take longer, come less frequently, don’t announce the stops, don’t identify themselves (the maps are the same on all the trains), and when you get out, there’s not much there, except a nice tiny farmer’s market at Journal Square. Still, that was Journal Square. Exchange Place seemed nice, but I didn’t go far from the hotel there, either, last time. So I don’t know. I guess I’m more suited to Manhattan. Spent a lot of time in K-Town this time. That was great.  Was in the bowery some, Soho, Noho, Nolita. Best breakfast – I kid you not – out of principle more than anything – was from a bagel cart street vendor.

Grand Hyatt New York - from
Grand Hyatt New York – from

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