Montreal (Dec 2014)

montreal photoWhy go North in the Winter? Because other people don’t. I think I gained 10 pounds on French and Canadian food over the holiday. I’m back at the gym working it off. It was cold, of course, but warm about half the days I was there (2 weeks). One thing I remember fondly is an evening at the Montreal Comedy Nest. Not all the acts were great, but about half could make me laugh. I went to all the usual places, even though normally I’m not a tourist. It’s just that Montreal is compact and walkable, and you’re going through those places for something. I had great dumplings in Chinatown, superb wine, and of course I went nuts on the famous Schwartz’s smoked meat. Again, if it’s a tourist draw, I usually stay away, and I’m not much of a meat eater, but Schwartz’s is rightfully legendary. I also ate at The Main across the street, though, and frankly? I liked the meat better. Bigger portions at one, more savory meat at the other. You can’t beat a Jewish deli. Another thing I did was consume an incredible amount of cheese. Smoked meat, cheese, wine, and maple syrup. See? It was an eating holiday.