Matilda – Broadway

Chris Sieber
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I love the film and identify with it, am bored by the book, and am fond of this Broadway musical. Mainly, I like Christopher Sieber’s Ms. Trunchbull. Superb rendition. You know you’re on Broadway when you don’t notice the acting – or at least you know the play is worthy of Broadway. You might think about it after, but meanwhile you just believe.

I don’t adore musicals, so honestly I was dreading this, and more so when I realized there were kids everywhere. Kids are fine, in doses. But now I’m in a show about kids, which has kids attending, and the kids are going to sing. I thought it would be like show and tell at a PTA meeting.

Instead, the themes remain universal, the children aren’t self-consciously the ‘children’ of adult creation – they own their parts, and the audience is decidedly un-Disney. And then, there Is thought of Carmines (just outside) but instead it was the West Village and Cafe Asean for me. Then back home and to work. A great way to spend a Sunday.