Los Angeles (May 2014)

los angeles beach photo
Photo by mscaprikell

I went out again for a wedding this time, but managed to do a day of good solid business. The beach is a great place to solve problems – you clear your mind, walk with a colleague, and lay out the plan for the future. I also hit a stellar bookstore, a performance of the Upright Citizens Brigade, and bicycled along the beach. I even made it up to Orange County, kicking around. I still would never want to live in LA. I can’t spend 1/3 of my day in a car, and I need a place where everything is dense enough that walking is ideal. But the weather was nice, and spending time at the ocean was nice. And it was great to have access to world class performances on a par with New York. I brought home 2 pieces of art that I love – prankish and inspiring.