Las Vegas Again

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Personally, I find Vegas boring. If you don’t want to drink, gamble, or patronize prostitutes, what else is there? I know, I know there’s nature out there – canyon, desert, etc. But unfortunately, with this business trip, no time to see it.

As it is, it’s like visiting a giant strip mall in North Texas (the main attraction is even called “the strip”). I know, again, there are shows. But come on. There are shows in other cities, too. Las Vegas strikes me as a city that has nothing inherently unique about it. Take away the hotels, and what is there?

Lastly, I know, the hotels are the point. But do you hear that? Who wants to go on a trip where the hotel is the point? That’s lowered expectations.

I went to a movie at an older hotel… and…. it was about Las Vegas! Arghghgh!!!!

I saw a group of girls walking around with whips, though. Woo hoo! 🙂

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