Landmark Education

Landmark was truly helpful for me. It’s an educational program about distinctions, such as the distinction between what we say about a thing and what the thing is. There are a lot of similar courses and programs – Carnegie education and so on. Landmark was exactly right for me. It was doable financially, and it was approachable emotionally. I put up real resistance, too, but ultimately I got my questions answered, my skepticism satisfied without having to lay it aside, and I got value out of doing the work. The chances are excellent I’ll take another course in the coming year or two. I’ve been through the Forum, the Advanced Course, the Forum in Action, and the Relationship Course, and I got value out of all of it. I’m thinking Communications is next.

transformation photoLandmark is the kind of thing people hurl invective, gossip, and innuendo at if they don’t understand it. The nice thing is none of that needs to affect me. You think it’s evil, or crazy, or a cult, OK then. Think that – we all have thoughts in our heads – what does yours have to do with me? For me, and for many people I know, there has been immense return – personally and professionally. I would say that the way I have revitalized my business as a result of the processes I learned from Landmark, has paid for the coursework and my time over and over. The same is true on a personal level in terms of emotional klout, confidence, and capacity. So, to any skepticism, I’d have to say “Look, I make more money because I took those courses. And I’m a more powerful person with stronger character. You don’t want that, don’t look any farther.” I just have no evangelistic impulse and, besides, it’s not a church.

I’m a skeptic. I recently read Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements and the other books in the boxed set. I don’t get persuaded by “this is ancient wisdom of the Toltecs”. So what? You’ve got to do better than that. But one thing I credit Landmark for, is producing a stronger skepticism. In other words, instead of ruling out something because the author says “I got this from a talking lizard” (in fairness, I made that example up), I can listen without being harmed, and I can weigh an idea on its usefulness to me – not only where it fits in my preexisting schema. I would never have read, let alone found so helpful, much of what Ruiz has said, if I hadn’t first challenged and been challenged by Landmark. And it doesn’t stop there. I was always ponderous, but Landmark has made me a more thoughtful person.

For me, the experiment was can I get out of transformative education what it purports to produce, namely a transformed self, a transformed emotional life, transformed ability, and transformed goals. I’ve got those things, so I rank it a wonderful success.