Instant Stainless Steel Appliance?

Daniel DiGriz - internet marketing consultantI have one of those dishwashers that are made to be any color you like. There are two framed panels – you take off the frame, and you can flip it to black, white, gold, or beige. It’s in perfectly good shape and washes like a real champ, but I needed to upgrade it cosmetically to stainless steel – which is, after all, just a color. So I pulled the panels, took them to a stainless steel shop locally, and got two cut panels of brushed stainless. Instant stainless steel appliance without even taking it loose from the cabinet. Cost was under $100. I looked into the stainless steel contact paper. Cost there would have been $84 plus any shipping cost, and I really suck at working bubbles out with a credit card and a spray bottle – not my thing. I’d say this is an experiment that works! Now we dust it up with a bit of pledge and it stays like new.

Experiment: Success!

Update: the goal was to go stainless, so we could get a new stainless steel stove to go with it. Now that’s done, and it’s a stainless kitchen.

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