Turn Garage into Workshop?

My garage needed to be a workshop. After all, if I’m going to be doing all this work on the house, I’ve got to have a command center from which to make it happen. I invested in a table top mitre saw (mounted it on an old microwave cart), a portable table saw, cordless power drills (one for shooting screws, one for drilling holes), and I decided I need shelves. Plus, the garage was just studs. So I mounted plywood walls first, in the whole garage, so I can mount anything anywhere on the wall (as you see I have), even if it’s not on a stud. That will give it more stability, too – not that that was a problem. I did 7.5″ shelves over the top of that (paint can size). The electrical was appalling (bare wires, etc.) and needed to be completely redone. I had cable added to the garage when I moved in, so there’s TV. I turned the add-on potting shed in back into a lumber room and lawn mower parking. I put in new lights, so it’s nice and bright now, and I adapted an old computer monitor stand with built in switches and power strip as a garage power unit to hook up my tools.

Garage After
A wall-mounted shop vac deals with sawdust.
Garage After
Bikes and other things hang from the ceiling. Long pieces of wood trim go above the rafters.

Experiment: Success

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