FidoNet & HumaNet

FidoNet photo
Photo by believekevin

This is a nice trip down memory lane. In 1994-95, I ran a Fidonet Node, and started my own packet-switching network – namely, HumaNet (Network for the Arts & Humanities). Before there was myspace or AOL, there was Fidonet! And yes, I was doing it with OS/2.

TULSA, OK Humanet OS/2 System
(1994) Daniel DiGriz

— From the Historical BBS List:
TULSA, OK Cat-Tastrophe Corner
(1991-1992) Mike Meyer

TULSA, OK Beaver Den BBS
(1990) Mark Davis

TULSA, OK Byte Me, Tulsa Lampoon
(1988-1989) Noel Crow

Tulsa , OK Uncle Dave’s High Octane BBS
(1983-1987) Steve Epps, Dave McFadden

“Steve Epps bought the hardware, a Tandy Model III, and added on a 10MB drive. It ran under NewDos with a Hayes 300 Smartmodem. I configured TBBS to be just plain goofy, generally parodying the other local BBSes. A lot of the sysops in the 918 list knew each other and still have contact. Si Hawk was always active in the local computer club and his booming voice was always announcing on radio & TV. Ken Dunlavy was just a wild man. Mike Lester was the owner of my ISP till recently, and now my ISP is Joe Winett. A BBS not on the list is TRACE, Tulsa Regional Atari Computer Enthusiasts. I met Sheila Spencer, the sysop, online and we got married.” – The Coyote

TULSA, OK Palindrome

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