Korea – Exploring the maze of side streets and alleyways

1994Street Vendorsis another favorite activity. There’s always something tucked away that’s unexpected and worth the adventure..

The fun thing, too, is to seek out various districts in urban areas. Take a day and visit the antiques district. Take another day and visit one of the major university student districts, with its bookstores, communist coffee shops, and internationally-influenced food.

Be sure and eat at street vendors carts. It’s the best. Hot fish cakes on sticks with turnip & anchovy broth in the Winter. Steaming dumplings served out of the back of a truck. Beautiful clementine-style oranges (the best ones have a rare hint of green on one side, and come in from Cheju-do (Cheju Island) once a year. Prices are good, too. I can eat outside for about $3 and be quite satisfied. If you know what you’re doing, you can sit down in a lot of restaurants for $2 to $7 and eat extremely well. If you don’t know, you’ can spend as much as you like. 🙂

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