E-paper Phone?

I got the thinnest phone in the world. OK, the 2nd thinnest – the [Motofone F3]. This was designed for India, to be cheap, reliable, and easy to mass-produce. But the Indians didn’t want it. By the time it hit the market, the market had changed, and they wanted iPhones, or something like it. Money is pouring in the country, and so it wasn’t loved the way I love it. But this is e-paper, and a great proof of concept for using non-glass, non-CRT displays in portable devices. In November 2006, the F3 hit. One year later, in November 2007, the Kindle, with its own e-paper display. And I want a phone that’s just a phone. I don’t text. I don’t want to be stalked by a smart phone. I just want to place and receive calls. This thing has incredible reception, long battery life (due to the display), and it’s GSM, compatible with most SIM cards, and cheap $40 shipped. What more could you ask for?

Updated 8/20/2009: My other phone service is [Skype]. I love it. About $3/mo and I can call anywhere in the US. Google voice takes care of my inbound.

Update 10/12/2010: AT&T is killing my F3. They’re not going to support the network anymore, and are mandating an upgrade to their new network. Argh! They’ve given me a new phone, and it’s OK. I’m not a huge fan of it, but I’m probably going to switch over to Cricket. A colleague has them. I love their deal.

Update 11/12/2010: I got a [smart phone]. I tried it, because my a business colleague needed one, and I just had to have one. All the times we drove around looking for something, that my [Navigon] couldn’t find (because you type in an address and it acts like it doesn’t exist), all the times we couldn’t check theatre times, or I had to wait until I got home to get a phone number. The clincher was that when I fired up my colleague’s Android phone, and it synced with her gmail account and contacts. It’s a Filofax in a phone. I was onboard. Cricket is the carrier. I also still use Google Voice and Skype as my business phone services.

Experiment: Success! (they killed my phone, but I loved it ’til the end)

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