Completing the Apple Ecosystem

mac pro photo
Photo by Glenn Batuyong

On August 31, 2014, I got my first Mac. A Macbook Air 13″. I’ll never go back to PC again.Today, less than a month later, the main PC is now a “Mac” too. I was already a little in the Apple ecosystem. I have an iPhone and an iPad. I am dedicated to my Kindle, and fond of my Chromebook, but for any kind of serious computing, it’s Mac all the way.

You can’t explain to a PC user what a Mac is like. It’ll get heard as specifications or fluff, which is how PC categorizes things. There’s an intuitive, lifestyle-based design sensitivity to Mac from soup to nuts, that simply trumps all else.

There are a handful of file handling superficialities that PC does better. I want to be able to right click and rename, or do simple cut and paste of files, close programs with the X, not just close the window, and copy/paste paths into the file manager. Other than that last thing, it’s all available with add-ons – but still, these should be native settings.

My two critical apps – irfanview and notepad++ that are PC only are handled via Crossover, and Virtualbox keeps Windows in a virtual machine if I really need a PC for something for a minute (could also spin up an amazon virtual server).

One of these days, when my hardware is obsolete, I’m getting a Mac Pro! Meanwhile, as hardware, my Mac is a 20GB RAM i7 and drives 4 monitors on dual 2gb video cards and runs from an SSD. I call it Tesla.

Update 2/10/2015: I still don’t have a satisfactory replacement for irfanview as a native mac app. That’s my biggest gripe, but I’ll make the trade any day. 6 months later, and this has been the 2nd best technology upgrade I’ve ever made – next to multiple monitors. I thought Windows 7/64 was passable as an O/S – certainly not 8.1 – but it just can’t draw me back. I can’t remember the last time I handled a PC intentionally, now. Ironically, I did stumble upon a way to speed up a new PC immensely by zeroing out all unused sectors or sectors with deleted content. It’s an amazing trick, but still not worth it. Experiment is a success.