Cape Code (August 2014)

Cape cod photo
Photo by Kinchan1

When I go to the beach, it’s not to soak up sun, but to be with the ocean. Cape cod had some lovely beaches, and some ugly ones. It depends on where you go. Case in point, Provincetown (P-town). It was just too self-consciously alternate-lifestyle. I’ve nothing against people living how they want, but it was just too touristy, kitchy, and in-your-face for me. Besides that, it was crowded. Nonetheless, I ate very well there, and really enjoyed the small local theater in the heart of everything (the film theater, not the drag theaters that occupy every hole in the wall). I spent most of my time down around Yarmouth and Barnstable, with time in Harwich and Chatham (again, too touristy). What I had a lot of was seafood. I found a hole in the wall fish place I loved. I enjoyed night walks on the beach, when the tide was coming in, and I went to the Mac Mall and got my first Macbook air. I’ve been a Mac user ever since, converting my incredibly robust PC into a Hackintosh, and completing my entry (with my existing iphone and ipad) into the Apple ecosystem. It’s a geeky memory of Cape Cod, but I still loved it.