Boston (August 2014)

boston photoI only spent a day in Boston. It was a childhood wish of mine to live there, as a fan of The Paper Chase and other Boston-based television. I was always drawn to the atmosphere of learning, law, and arts. I’m glad I settled on New York, but Boston still holds much more to explore, I’m sure. I also am a fanatic about Good Will Hunting, so I was eager to get some of that vibe. And true enough, South Boston was my preference for atmosphere, but the North Side was where I spent most of my time, out of necessity. I met a client at a pub for beer, and then again for dinner. I walked around a great deal, but didn’t care for the touristy attractions. Mostly, I just enjoyed being there. It was a short trip on the way to something else, and I had on offer a very nice apartment in a great part of town. Next time, I’ll branch out and go for the academic and artistic experiences. Parking is a challenge, if you’re not a resident and, of course, I got ticketed twice.