Birdman (2014)

Michael Keeton as Birdman was a great compliment to the Michael Keeton as Batman debate in Neighbors (2014). I loved the Walter Mitty-esque elements (another great film this year) and especially the sheer persistence of the alter ego, reminiscent of Gollum and Tom Hank’s character in A Cloud Atlas. My favorite part, blackly, was Riggan/Birdman’s commitment to his own unique vision and goal as either personality, even if it killed him. Edward Norton, a favorite from Rounders, kills it along with Keaton on the dramatic actor scenes, one holding the other artistically and emotionally hostage, adding a lot of excited tension. Special effects were fun too, precisely because they were tongue in cheek, and I love, love, love Riggan’s certainty that he has special powers, and the ultimate confidence it provides him. Another great soundtrack, and this film got a 92% critic score at Rotten Tomatoes. Birdman opened the 71st Venice International Film Festival.