Martial Arts

Daniel began studying martial arts seriously at 16, then off-and on throughout his travels in early adult life, including a variety of styles: karate, aikido, krav maga, systema, kung-fu, and American boxing.

Later, he settled into regular study of a traditional Japanese martial art. He has a private gym and martial arts studio where he studies formally and works out continually.

He eats a mostly plant-based diet, weighs close to what he did in his 20s, and competes occasionally in tournaments.

Daniel prioritizes defense of others, as well as self-defense. Capable of rapid aggression in a combat situation, he focuses on self-control and personal restraint coupled with explosive but intelligent use of force and technique.

For Daniel, the martial arts are a basic utility ("like knowing how to use power tools"). He strives "never to act from anger or overpower a weaker opponent when there is no necessity."