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Daniel DiGriz

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Daniel's Brand Story

Adults are often resistant to even powerful concepts and tools, because most messaging and presentations don’t create the conditions for learning naturally–for freely adopting new ideas and investing personal stamina. Concepts don’t stick; knowledge is not transferred; attitudes and behavior don’t change.

Daniel DiGriz is a corporate storyteller who combines inspirational narratives that involve the learner in an aspirational arc, with gorgeously compelling visuals, and witty, humorous examples from movies and pop culture, so concepts are relatable and easily adopted. He is also a serial entrepreneur/investor with a keen eye for a compelling growth narrative.

Speaking and Writing on:

  • Creating Compelling Brand Narratives
  • Achieving Sales-Marketing Alignment
  • Effective Corporate & Adult Education
  • Developing Resilient Communities
  • Cultivating Audience Ecosystems
  • Organizational Transformation

Speaker Bio:

Daniel DiGriz is a storyteller in business whose clients and audiences learn to find their own stories–the narratives that connect them to their companies and customers. He hosts podcasts, speaks at conferences, and writes for various publications. A serial entrepreneur, Daniel is Digital Ecologist® and CEO @ MadPipe (which designs, delivers, and directs corporate education projects & marketing implementations) and co-founder of Free Agent Source, Inc (a management consulting firm delivering enterprise IT & marketing projects).

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