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Your Vision for a Brand New School Begins Here

If you're an existing school, opening a new location, visit our Expand a School Page.

If you're launching a brand new school looking to transform existing real estate, welcome. Last year we did 10 new builds...

Congratulations—Your Project Just Got Easier

There are lots of moving parts to opening a new school. Your risk is lowered dramatically just by being here. You've found a partner that knows what to do to help you navigate the process.

Trusted Names that Trust Us

here we'll put logos - e.g. Civic Builders, MFRs, etc

We Take an Instruction First Approach

(w./ regard to technology) We take you out of the never-ending loop of meetings with landlords, general contractors, and third-party vendors to ensure the school is ready for instruction within your time frame. Instruction is first, technology second...

Ritaly: we'll provide a curated list of technological options (vs. a 100% custom fit - we do have standards and clients must adhere to them but we will include clients in navigating the device/other decisions)

Document Your Vision

You have a unique understanding of what would be most effective for your organization. Your vision becomes our roadmap.

Involve Your Facility Goals

We dig into what areas most concern you about your new space where a child may go off the radar. We translate that into a map of technological applications.

Map Technology to Your Curriculum

 From online testing and data to digital lesson materials... Instead of a one size fits all template for all schools, we uncover how do you intend for technology as part of your lesson planning.

Cost Control & Leveraging Funding

You want maximum use for the budget you indicate. We'll often recommend systems that are inexpensive to launch and expandable as needed, to make optimal use of E-rate and other funding for opening day and the future.   

The process is collaborative. We help you arrive at key decisions and create work product that is effectively configured, easily supported, and meets your school's particular needs. It's work we can all be proud of.

A Shining Example of a Brand New Shiny School

MS: Twelve classrooms. Twelve projectors. Sixteen points of wireless access. Fifty-two data outlets...

These numbers are plot points in a story about how a building in the Bronx stopped being just another piece of real estate and became a charter school . . .

Sachin - let's have the rest of the case study: A case & what they said about it - evidence

Each year, CTS partners with education leaders to bring their new school’s potential to life through expert technology solutions. Our motto: put function over form, instruction over technology.

Your New School Visualized . . .

Capability Hotspot Image (class + building level (lobby/entrance) or desk) “from x to structured cabling)


The Full Range of Technology

We're experts in all educational applications for Phone/VOIP systems, Staff & Student Devices, Classroom Technology, PA Systems, Access Control, Clock Systems, Camera Systems, Large Space A/V Setups, Video Conferencing, and Digital Signage, just to scratch the surface.

Internet -- speed, reliability, security

Value can also be important. Redundancy is key, CTS always ensures schools have continual monitoring for outages and a properly configured backup ISP. And we use state of the art heat-mapping to ensure every inch of a building has proper signal/wifi access.


CTS works with severals tiers of trusted and vetted partners to provide max reliability and scalability. We configure firewalls with K-12 clients in mind, including Content Filtering for CIPA compliance.

Cloud-based Apps

We utilize K-12 centric setup and implementation standards: ensuring standards a school applies to all devices cannot be bypassed by a student intentionally or accidentally and all learners have a consistent experience.

Let's Get Started on Your Project . . .

From here forward, a dedicated technical project manager can represent your interests, involving vendors early in the planning stages of your new space, and making optimal decisions for where and why purchased technology gets placed.
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