Every school has a mission.
We’re here to power yours.

CTS is a technology company dedicated exclusively to education.

We provide managed IT & technical consulting to:

Mission Driven Organizations

K-12 Schools

Educational Institutions

Ritaly input: we completely get their house in order and they love it.

“Anyone can be a tech provider, but our goal is to ingraine ourselves into the fabric of schools.” - Sachin Gujral, CTS Founder

Ritaly input: make the point: "and they love how we do it."

Need to leverage E-rate to make the best use of your resources? We excel at this.

The right technology can optimize success, facilitate learning—even spark innovation. But the best technology can challenge your budget. E-Rate can help.

We’ve helped a range of orgs like yours, all the while providing world class support.

We lift the burden off your shoulders and you wont even know we are not part of your in-house team.

  • Daniel input: This is our day to day support row
  • Ritaly input: We lift the burden off your shoulders and you wont even know we are not part of your in-house team (value proposition).
  • [Draw from data narrative provided by Ritaly - need that] - internal current mgmt dashboards (the big boards)

We’re equally comfortable with the logistics of million dollar project decisions and providing day-to-day touchpoints & support.

We build strategies for forward thinking classrooms with a shared commitment to learning.

  • Daniel input: Draw from NASA case study & link to more project cases.
  • Ritaly input: Competitive position: We can do “IT” all for you better than anyone else, including any team you can hire.

Education is our passion, and technology is our expertise. Achieve your goals with our managed IT tools.

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Looking to launch, upgrade or enhance your technology? We’re here to help.

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