Hardware & Devices

With the Right Tools, Anything Is Possible.

For educators, choosing hardware and devices involves a lot of moving parts. You’ve got an IT budget. A school-wide technical infrastructure. Staff members with varying levels of technical skill. And, most importantly, educational objectives driving your mission forward.

In other words, it’s about more than going online and finding the best bulk rate for 1,000 Chromebooks. It’s about making thoughtful, strategic decisions that take every factor into account—so you end up with the right devices, at the right price, for the right reasons. That’s where we come in.

Power a world of inspiration and achievement.

We’re here to help guide your hardware and device procurement. Ask us about which items will best bring your educational vision to life. 

Student Devices

Promote creativity and collaboration with the right devices for each student’s grade and classroom activities—whether that’s Chromebooks, laptops, iPads, or whatever comes next. 

Classroom Storage Solutions

Design an optimal storage solution that consumes the minimal amount of space, and accounts for if—and how—devices travel with students during the day.

Staff Devices

Mac, PC, or Chromebook? Empower your instructional staff with the platform that best enhances teaching, engages students, and supports better learning outcomes. 

Presentation Solutions

What types of A/V tools do you need to bring your lessons to life? From interactive projectors and panels to document cameras and beyond, we’ll point you toward ideal solutions—and train you to use them too. [tech pd page hyperlink]

Learn new tools of transformation.

Want to upgrade your devices? Or help your people do more with the ones you already have? Let’s schedule a professional development day for your staff—empowering them to integrate these tools into their teaching, and inspiring them with new ideas for how to engage students. [tech pd page hyperlink]

Be ready when they are.

Work with us to ensure your devices are configured, implemented, and instruction-ready on day one, so you don’t miss a beat—or a learning moment.

Lean on us.

We eat, sleep, and breathe EdTech. Surveying the device landscape, knowing what’s out there (and what’s best for you), understanding how to get it at the right price—and then getting it set up and ready to go for you is what we do best. Let’s talk >