Courses Courses & Labs Given by Daniel DiGriz

Daniel DiGriz delivers corporate training, virtual and in-person courses, workshops, and labs for learning series', conferences, and virtual campuses.

"Learning moments people love are positive and empowering. I never give a course on how NOT to suck or ten things you're doing wrong. Learning is aspirational. We're all in this to improve our game. So I focus on how to be awesome. I think THAT's infectious and connects with an audience." — Daniel DiGriz

  • Make Professional Videos at Your Desk - Aug 26
  • Build a Youtube Channel Fit for Prime Time - Sep 16
  • Make an Animated Presentation that Rocks
  • Get a Wikipedia Listing Without Rejection
  • Build a WordPress Website with Ease
  • Design a Drag and Drop Website in One Day
  • Start Your Own Creative Podcast
  • Create Search Optimized Blog Posts
  • Make Your Linkedin Profile Stunning
  • Get Your Own Publicity—The Easy Way
  • Instagram for Creative Professionals: Build a Storied Brand
  • Make Your Own Fast, Easy Sales & Marketing Collateral
  • Do it Yourself Search Optimization For Websites
  • Automate Your Marketing Emails
  • Write Killer Content Headlines That Get More Attention
  • Marketing from Impact: Create Your Artist Brand Story
  • LAB: Brand Story Sandbox
  • Communicate Impact: Make Your Brand Story Irresistible
  • LAB: Brand Story Polisher
  • They Don't Buy What They Don't Read: Cranking Up Email Open Rates
  • Write Killer Content Headlines That Get More Attention
  • File Your Own Trademarks & Protect Your Ideas
  • Create Your One Page Brand Guide
  • Brand and Track Links & Marketing Campaigns Instantly
  • Write Sales Letters That Actually Convert
  • Tell Social Stories People Actually Click
  • Write Newsletters People Actually Read
  • Write Blog Posts People Actually Share
  • Negotiate Better Contracts That Work for Both Parties
  • How to Read an Income Statement & Balance Sheet
  • When to Create a Business Entity & How to Maintain It
  • Copyright, Trademark, or Patent: Which Do You Need?
  • Data Stories: Metrics that Prove Impact & Win Stakeholders
  • The 6-Second Brand Story: Making Your Pint Before the Doors Close
  • Visionary Selling: Powerful Sales Conversations That Close the Deal
  • Wheel of the Deal: Devastating Sales Letters & Contagious Case Studies
  • LAB: Sales Conversations: Tough Talk for Softies
  • LAB: Website in a Day
  • LAB: Better Website: Another Day
Daniel DiGriz

Daniel can speak on a variety of other topics (see talks), and deliver labs on honing one's brand, content, or website as well as SEO and related goals and challenges.

Learning Design

Daniel has a Master's of Education degree in Instructional Technology. He designs end-to-end learning experiences (from syllabus to delivery mechanism), including learning series', digital campuses, and conference programming. If you're building a customer education program, reach out.

Daniel DiGriz

Courses vs. Talks

"A talk can be a course and vice versa, but there is a subtle difference. At the end of a COURSE, you should be able to do something specific that you couldn't do before—or do it even better. A talk provides thought constructs and emotional tools to make any decision-making process more effective." — Daniel DiGriz