About Daniel


I'm a New Yorker. I live in Brooklyn, at walking distance from Manhattan. I love waking up to the energy, community, and drive of my city - where nothing is out of reach and the leaders of art and innovation are ordinary denizens of the coffee shop. I can't imagine doing without the phenomenal journalism or Broadway or world class tradecraft. I travel a lot and, like 52% of New Yorkers, I'm a transplant, but New York is the only place I've ever truly called home.

Daniel DiGriz - Entrepreneurship


I collect and tell stories. At some point, I decided to demolish the barrier between entrepreneurship and art. So, in Forbes, I wrote and recombined stories of commitment and triumph for business people living an experimental life. And in The Corporate Story™, I explore how brands and organizations connect with audiences through their stories. As Digital Ecologist®, I'm fascinated by how story has evolved and remained unchanged since the caves, and how it decodes ecosystems to reveal a vigorous comradery. As a leader and counselor for various businesses, I apply this knowledge across growth, brand, product, and data to ensure firms reach their objectives.

Daniel DiGriz
Daniel DiGriz Brooklyn


The most valuable thing I own is my independence. I was once the student of academia, the corporate employee, the religious protege. Then I shoved the degrees in a drawer, retired my resume, hoisted my own flag, and started building things. I became a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses. The only life I've ever known how to live is one of freedom. The most powerful definition of success I have is that I love my life. I wouldn't do anything else–just more of it.

Daniel DiGriz - NYC


I study dance (Latin and Ballroom) and martial arts. I hike, walk, or work out every day. I travel the world, ride subways, read continually, reason, ponder, and inevitably teach. I'm a showman with zero stage fright; toss me a mic and give me a crowd, and I'm perfectly comfortable with no script. I was a digital native before there were digital natives. I have a rescue dog and no regard for breeds. I'm a graduate of Landmark Education and a veteran of BNI. Religiously, I'm Eastern Orthodox, politically a skeptic, and I prefer not to discuss either in mixed company. I drink 16-year-old Lagavulin or Jameson neat, and listen to the music and radio dramas of the Jazz Age.


Since 2007, I've had a positive relationship with Global Giving, a platform that permits me to fund small, lean, local charities that work DIRECTLY with a target constituency. I get routine FIELD REPORTS and an opportunity to reach people in the most direct manner possible. The process is efficient–eliminating the massive overhead that makes small donors feel ineffective. The Global Giving platform enables a substantive, direct impact. To that end, I introduce you to my kids.