Daniel DiGriz

Daniel lives immersed in art and business.


Daniel is a guitar player focused on composition, improvisation, and music theory. He favors Marshall sounds and the pre-1985 classic rock songbook.


Daniel writes novel-length stories. He is currently banging out an autobiographical coming-of-age novel set in Appalachia. He also writes genre fiction.

Martial Arts

Daniel studies traditional martial arts. A devotee of Japanese & Okinawan disciplines, he occasionally competes in tournaments and exhibitions.


Daniel is engaged in business as an art form. He is specifically involved in brand storytelling & development, the art of sales, and audience engagement.

Visual Art

Daniel is a collector of original paintings that include mid-century, surrealist, and (English) Northern school works from legacy and living artists.


Daniel is an enthusiastic theatre-goer. He lives in New York, where access to Broadway and off-Broadway plays is ingrained and attendance routine.


Daniel likes and reads books. He is picky but not snobby, broad-ranging but knows what he likes, and always has several books going at once.


Daniel has a smattering of other art interests he can only pursue sporadically—from languages to boating, cryptography, and dance.

Daniel DiGriz is a serial entrepreneur, startup founder, and investor in numerous businesses and asset growth opportunities. By trade, he is a sales improvement consultant, brand storyteller, enterprise evangelist, and community organizer for business.

Daniel’s companies include MadPipe® which puts good ideas in front of a broader market with sales-aligned marketing, brand messaging, and campaign direction. And Free Agent Source, Inc.—the consulting firm that delivers enterprise projects through direct relationships with consultants.